The world doesn’t need another wholesaler broker; it needs good people with bold ideas.

We’re not your typical E&S broker. We deliver fast, accurate, and relevant results. We value our customers, and our actions speak far louder than words. Our goal: provide valued results with exceptional service while upholding the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards.
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Company Values

Our values drive our culture

Our core values form the foundation of our company's culture. We believe in the power of communication, trust, care, collective responsibility, and pride. By embracing these values, we foster a culture where our team members thrive and our customers receive unworldly results.


Communication is the lifeblood of our organization. We strive to understand the expectations of our customers and trading partners. We promote teamwork and collaboration, and make every efforts to prevent misunderstandings.


Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and it's no different in our business. We strive to instill a sense of trust with our agents and trading partners alike. We build your trust through transparent communication, integrity, consistency, and accountability.


At W+C we value our teammates over profits. We demonstrate a commitment to our employees' wellbeing and development not only in themselves, but the greater communities of which they live. We promote work-life balance by working hard and playing hard. We provide genuine support for teammate mental and physical health.

Collective Responsibility

We win and lose together, we take our own company's success as seriously as our clients and trading partners. We take ownership of our actions, and work proactively and collaboratively to deliver solutions to every obstacle.


As a private company, we are fiercely independent, free of outside influence, and proud of it. We promote a culture of perpetual improvement and recognize and celebrate achievement. We take personal pride in our firms work product, and it's no surprise our results often deliver high-quality outcomes that raise of bar of excellence.
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We’re not in the business of fitting into molds – we’re in the business of breaking them.

At the heart of W+C Specialty are our founders, Brent and Adam. They are more than just entrepreneurs; they are catalysts for positive change and innovation in the E&S marketplace.

Their shared industry journey to eventual business partners led them to challenge the status quo and create a company that puts people before profits.
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H Adam Wise

Chief Executive Officer
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Brenton Clair

Chief Operating Officer

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